Lythx One Membership Upgrade Today


Our Standard Membership is FREE! You may keep track of your account messages, invoices, estimates, files & more. This membership does not include Email & Cloud Services. No Account Credit Applies. No Lythx Service Disclount Applies unless its Holiday Promo, or an affiliate has a promo code for Lythx Services.

Email & Cloud Only

Just want access to our Simple, Fast & Reliable Email & Cloud Services? Then our "ECO" Membership is for you. For $49.99 USD a Year you'll get access to our Ad Free Email & Cloud Services only. Unfortunatly, this membership does not inlcude Lythx Service Discounts. Account Credit does not Apply.

Business Pro

Be a Business Pro with our Buisness Pro membership. $99.99 USD a Year or if your business spends $350 or more on Lythx Services you will achieve this status. Business Qualify Only. You will recieve access to Lythx Services like Email & Cloud. Plus 2.5% OFF Most Lythx Services, Yearly Account Gift/ Credit & more.


The top of the line Lythx One Membership Status. The Elite. $149.99 USD a Year or if you spend $350 or more on Lythx Services you will reach this status. It gives you Elite Access to Lythx Services like E-Mail & Cloud. Plus: 5% OFF Most Lythx Services, VIP Tech Support, Yearly Account Gift/ Credit & more.